Jovita (Jovi) Floretta

August 8th, 2017, 11:01 pm

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Jovita (jovi) floretta

25 years old


Cis woman


Jovita's father was a well known brujo in her family and although her parents wanted to keep it a secret from their children, jovita eventually found out but pretended she didn't. After awhile her family experienced a lot of debt and jovita witnessed her father walk out on them. As part curiosity and with a sort of apprehensive caution she dabbled in witchcraft with friends who were really into it when she was 15 but other than that has no real experiences with it herself. Shortly after that her mother found it extremely difficult to keep up with their house and with all the debt her father left behind, sadly they were forced to move away. After repeated moving she now lives with her 2 younger brothers and single mother in a small but feasible house in the middle of nowhere. Despite everything, she does her best to take care of them.

• She has a really sweet and caring nature and tends to mother and spoil people
• always has candy with her and gives it out like a granny, she has those lil strawberry shaped candies and the rare pineapple ones!
• eats sweets when she's nervous

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